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Why Persona Primers?

1. PERSONA PRIMERS provides the advantage of individual attention. The entire mentoring is done by Colonel Rehal & Mrs Kulwant after assessing the candidate’s personality.

2.     Selection for any job, especially the SSB selection is not about the best fit. It is not about being the topper or about the top grades. These are established from his certificates or the written tests. A recruiter checks the candidate’s BEING while the school was focussed on what he was DOING. For instance the SSBs check the candidate’s “Effective”, not Basic intelligence by giving an opportunity to complete a task which can be done in more than one ways in a given time. Effective intelligence will be measured by observation on the choice made. Did the candidate apply his intelligence to reduce effort and maybe time to complete the task?

3.  PERSONA PRIMERS works on the candidates not superficially but at a deeper level to make sure that the student BECOMES the gentleman that will make him the first choice for selection. This is done through PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT and SOFT SKILLS classes which are taken by the Colonel himself. These by themselves are lessons for leading a happy, successful and powerful life.

4.  The Importance of English –as a means of communication needs no debate. PERSONA PRIMERS trains not only to speak correctly with confidence but to participate effectively in Group Discussions and toSpeak Extempore.

5.    At PERSONA PRIMERS there are no hand outs of answers to likely questions, as the answers could be as varied as the human faces we see. No two are the same and they all have the same features that we see. So what can be said about the wonders of the human mind that we cannot even fathom?

6.     At PERSONA PRIMERS work is done for the candidate to be in such a lively and alert state of mind that he radiates the qualities being looked for as trainable material for a defence officer.

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