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Interview Skills

Persona Primers gives you in depth knowledge and practice for the Placement Interviews and Job interviews.

This includes Group Discussion and Personal Interview.

This involves building Self Confidence, General Awareness, knowledge about Current Affairs, Research(Job Description-Job Requirement-Details about the Company), correct Etiquette, Body Language and Anxiety Management.



We HELP YOU IN ASSESSING  your STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES through modern Psychological Assessment Techniques and not just through the so called SWOT analysis.

The process involves


    • Preparing for the Interview

    • Understanding Job Interviews

    • Getting to Know Yourself

    • Getting to Know Your Prospective Employer

    • The Interview Process

    • First Impressions Count

      • What to Wear to the Interview

      • Timings

      • Body Language

      • Ettiquette

    • Revealing Your Personality

    • Discussing Your Skills and Abilities

    • Highlighting Your Accomplishments

    • What to Reveal

  • Know Your Interpersonal Skills

  • What Homework should you do?         

  • Handling Difficult or Embarrassing Questions

  • Handling Behavioural Questions

  • Giving Examples (Context-Action-Result)

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