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Personality Development

Have you ever asked yourself these questions–
·         Who am  I? How well do I know myself?
·         What am I good at?
·         What are my strength, weakness, fears, inner most desires?
·         Where am I heading?
·         What do I want to become?
·         Who’s my role model or whom do I idolize?
·         Why can’t I say NO when I want to?
·         What stops me from being Successful?

We all need to ask these questions at some stage in life.The sooner, the better.


Persona Primers will help you get answers to these questions.

Persona Primers Personality Development Program is a self-reflective course that will enable you to take stock of your achievements and help you set goals in all areas of your life. It will enable you to plan for the future both academically and in your search for employment. It will help you improve your Self Esteem, your Confidence, your Assertiveness and will help you overcome Shyness.

What We Plan to Achieve
·         Personality Development
·         Confidence Building
·         Building up Self Esteem
·         Removing Shyness
·         Building Assertiveness
·         English Speaking
·         Expertise in Group Discussion / Extempore Lecturettes
·         Leadership Skills
·         Personal Grooming
·         Communication Skills
·         Stress & Time Management
·         Building Self-image and Self-Efficacy

How We Achieve It   

  • Personality Tests

  • Identifying Strengths, Weaknesses & Values

  • Self Management

    • Attitude Empowerment

    • Belief Alteration

    • Choice & Decision Clarification

    • Creative Thinking Skills

    • Critical Thinking Skills

    • Dealing With Change

    • Emotional Intelligence

  • Lectures-cum-discussion

  • Group Discussions

  • Video-recording of Group Discussions

  • Training Games

  • Real Life Case Studies

  • Video Training

  • Simulated Interviews

  • Intensive one-to-one feedback on each and every session

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